Monday, September 13, 2010

The Long Toss

Ever since I have played frisbee (ultimate), I have always thought I was good with the short pass or making the long catch.  For some reason though, I have never been good at the long toss.  Game after game, year after year I would try at least once to launch the disc for massive yardage and unfortunately lose control or possession.  Not exactly what your team wants to see if you're captain, so I would shy away from the hail mary and would rely more on speed and good hands.

However, this past weekend I made a break through (and I was quite excited).  People have always told me "it's all in your wrist" or "big throws come from your core."  In essence, both of these suggestions are correct and go well together for a pretty decent pull, but I think I found the secret.  In all sports you are told to bend your knees, stay low, lower your center of gravity, etc.  and why wouldn't this apply to the game of ultimate?  I decided to give this a shot on the opening pull.  As soon as I crouched down, twisted by upper body, and snapped my wrist, Voila!  Instant improvement in my throwing game.  The unintentional hook (although I can intentionally do so) was gone and just a smoothing sailing UFO-like disc remained traversing the clear Saturday skies.  Brilliant!

To sum it up, the moral of the story is bend your knees and like the Yin Yang Twins say "Get Low."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Music Makes You Lose Control

Inspired by the Missy Elliot song (that I haven't heard in years), the title says it all.  Over the past few nights I have been cruising through my music selection trying to find the right song to fall asleep to.  Chopin, Coltrane, Muse, John Mayer, Marcus Miller, and Rick James are just a few of the various artists I've given a shot to take me to the dreamland but to no avail.  The only thing that happens is I start listening deeply to the mixing of the albums, where the instruments are in the mix, the composition and so forth.  After doing so, I re-realized that music has such an amazing effect/affect on each individual in such a different manner.  For instance, when I was listening to Muse (Hysteria; great bass line) I let it have a lulling effect rather than a driving force behind a work out that I typically use the song for.  For a song to have multiple uses for one person is pretty amazing, so just imagine what another person's take on it may yield.

That's the amazing thing about music, a song that may make one cry makes another happy, or another angry, or another not feel anything at all.  And with that said, I tip my hat to you music (if you were a being)!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Videos Added

Not so much a post but more of an update, I recently added a Video Section to the blog.  These are some videos I edited, produced, and filmed while I was at IU.  I look at the video section as a demo reel of sorts for anyone that is interested.  I hope you enjoy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Inaugural Post

After a few good hours, and some trial and error The Broader Context is up and running.  Since this is the first post of the blog, I will provide a brief insight on whats to come.

Tech News
Technology changes at the drop of a hat (unlike this old-timer expression), and I will provide some insight on some interesting articles I read.

My number one passion, music.  I will probably post links for some of my favorite artists, relevant music news (no celeb gossip), and occasional lessons I enjoy.

Most likely soccer or football news, but as well as baseball, NCAA sports, and tennis.

This will be pretty much anything that comes to mind that I feel needs discussion, or I just want to discuss.

Hopefully this will be entertaining, informative, or just a way for you (and myself) to spend sometime here and there.  Happy readings all!